Empowered Soul

Stop giving an eff about what people think and start living the life that lights you up!


“Living in alignment with the real you is the secret to experiencing the unique, extraordinary life of your dreams.” 

– Liana Francisco


EMPOWERED SOUL is a six month transformational program

Through 12 one-on-one video calls, you will be guided to clarify your values, strengthen your personal autonomy, and surrender to spiritual empowerment so you can confidently live life on your own terms. It’s time to fully embody the real you so you can…

  • TAKE A BREAK from your crazy long to-do list without it all falling apart.
  • HAVE FUN with your KIDS.
  • Have FULFILLING RELATIONSHIPS with friends and family.
  • FEEL AMAZING and live in a radiant, healthy body.
  • OWN YOUR SENSUALITY and embrace romantic love.
  • Have CONFIDENCE that you are “doing it right”.
  • SAY NO without guilt.
  • GO TO BED EVERY NIGHT KNOWING that you are living like your life belongs to you.

EMPOWERED SOUL is for women who mean business; women who take accountability for their own life, are ready to invest in themselves, and keep trying until they get the result they want.


Are you ready to learn more about EMPOWERED SOUL and how working with Liana could help you create real change so you can finally Live Like Your Life Belongs To You? Select a time below for your free consultation.