Meet Liana

My name is Liana Francisco. 

I grew up in the pacific northwest, observing mainstream culture more like an anthropologist than a tribesman. I was unschooled from birth to college. Instead of alarm clocks, bullies, and standardized tests; I had lazy mornings, a clan of wild brothers in the backyard, and a library card. Life was always a little different than what I saw around me and on TV – and I liked it that way.

This taught me at an early age that the expectations of culture need not apply to the individual. We can choose for ourselves, we can create our own paths. You can Live Like Your Life Belongs To You.

In my 20s I got sick with Late Stage Lyme Disease. I was sick with no understanding of when I was going to be better. All of the details of my carefully planned life were on hold – possibly forever. But my life changed the moment I chose to be happy regardless of my circumstances. After years of treatment, fighting what my life had become, I made a decision: pain, illness and disappointment would not define me. I decided that if I never got even a tiny bit better I still had an amazing life and I was going to enjoy it. This is the moment I began to heal. I started living without expectations. I started appreciating what was and striving to improve in whatever ways I could in that moment. I continue to design my life with this radical concept.

My days are filled with my job at a local consulting firm, coaching private clients, crushing it at my side hustles, and spending time with my husband and son. My life is amazing and my health has never been better.

Now I inspire and teach women to release the need to do or be anything that is out alignment with what they need to be healthy, happy, and whole.